Clean Air Compliance Bootcamp, Feb. 26-28, 2008, Scottsdale, AZ


Source: Aarcher Institute
Related Topics: Clean Air Act (as Amended)

This three-day course provides a comprehensive analysis of the Clean Air Act, including the very important Clean Air Amendments of 1990. The course is designed for environmental practitioners who will be responsible for compliance and oversight of air pollution issues at their industrial facility and for those professionals who wish to have a better understanding of the USEPA regulatory matrix regarding air pollution. Click Here for the very latest changes that could impact your facility.

  • Comprehensive Overview of the Clean Air Act
  • History of the Clean Air Act
  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards Program
  • New Source Performance Standards and New Source Review
  • Overview of Title II Programs
  • Air Toxics Programs (Parts 61 & 63)
  • Maximum Achievable Control Technology Requirements
  • Urban Air Toxics and Residual Risk Programs
  • Title IV Acid Rain Program
  • Title VI Stratospheric Ozone Protection
  • Title V Operating Permit Requirements

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