EPA Posts 2006 Inventory Update Reporting Public Database


Source: US EPA
Related Topics: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

The EPA has recently posted the 2006 Inventory Update Reporting (IUR) Public Database on the IUR webpage. During the 2006 submission period, companies provided manufacturing, processing, and use information for certain chemical substances listed on the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory.

The updated IUR website includes the 2006 Inventory Update Reporting Data Summary. This is a report that provides an overview of the 2006 IUR data, which consists of chemical manufacturing, processing, and use information representing the 2005 calendar year. In addition to an overview analysis of the IUR data, the report describes the IUR collection process, provides a discussion of how EPA is using these data, presents information to consider when one interprets the data, and provides a brief look at EPA's plans for the future IUR reporting period in 2011.

The updated IUR website also includes the 2006 IUR Public Database, a searchable and downloadable database of information from the 2006 IUR. Users can search non-confidential records by chemical name, CAS Registry Number, or by company. Searching the database by chemical name or CAS Registry Number results in a listing of:

  • company and site-specific information, including company name and site name and location, aggregated production volume, and an indication of whether the site manufactured or imported the chemical and if it was only manufactured and used at the site (site-limited);
  • national chemical information, including aggregated production volume, maximum concentration, physical form(s), total number of sites (in ranges), total number of workers (in ranges), and an indication of whether any industrial or commercial/consumer information was reported. If reported, processing and use information is listed.
  • Searching by company results in a listing of company name, site names and locations, chemicals reported by the site, whether the chemical was manufactured or imported, and if the chemical is site-limited.

EPA plans to release additional summary data in the near future. Please contact Susan Sharkey ( or Chenise Farquharson ( with any questions.

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