Daylong Conference Held on the Future of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)


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Stakeholders primarily representing various industry sectors and NGOs convened on Tuesday October 6th at the Pew Charitable Trust to show support for TSCA reform and discuss approaches to improving what is commonly called outdated legislation. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson gave the keynote address and shared the agency principles that were outlined by the Obama Administration.  The primary message throughout the conference was the need to restore public confidence.

There was quite a bit of common ground on most of the issues, particularly the need to prioritize chemicals. In the same vein there was a lot of discussion on biomonitoring and the role it should play in a new toxics law.  The overall discussion was high level and will likely be the prelude to more detailed talks.  Since various groups have recently gone public with their principles for improving chemicals management in the US it appears that there is across the board alignment.  Challenges can be expected, however, as details begin to get ironed out.

It appears that it is still possible a bill could be introduced this fall as sources have indicated, although, healthcare and climate change will continue to overshadow the toxics debate.  A desire was expressed at this conference from groups traditionally opposed to each other to get the ball rolling on legislative action.

The conference was made possible with financial support from Rachel’s Network and Environmental Working Group and co-sponsored by: Environmental Working Group, Rachel’s Network, The Pew Health Group, Community Against Pollution, The Louisiana Bucket Brigade, American Chemistry Council, Grocery Manufacturers Association, Turner Foundation, Soap and Detergent Association, and the Consumer Specialty Products Association.

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