Participate in USTR’s Newly Launched Study on SMEs and Exports


Source: International Trade Commission
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Participate in USTR’s New Initiative on SMEs
In an effort to better understand the exporting practices and economic roles of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk unveiled an new initiative. The first step of this new initiative is an investigation by the International Trade Commission (ITC) to “better understand…how increased trading opportunities might benefit these businesses and their workers.”  USTR will seek to identify and increase opportunities to export goods and services. The ITC investigation will hopefully fill in gaps such as firm size, which typically are not reported in statistics. USTR will also put increased responsiveness to SMEs as a priority for new trade agreements.

There are opportunities to participate in this study. If you would be willing to talk about your company’s exports and barriers to trade your business is seeing, please contact Justine Freisleben at 202-721-4155.

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