Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee Seeking Comment on the National Export Initiative (NEI)


Source: SOCMA
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Announced in the Federal Register(FR) June 30, the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC) is seeking comment on the National Export Initiative(NEI). Specifically, they are seeking comment on:

  1. Identification of Federal government programs or regulations that impede the ability of U.S. companies to export;
  2. Effective foreign trade promotion programs and activities that could inform U.S. Federal government program development;
  3. Identification of the most (or least) effective Federal government programs that support U.S. exports, including specific experiences with such Federal government programs;
  4. Steps that the Federal government could take to improve its programs to support U.S. exports; and
  5. More generally, how the Federal government could better help U.S. businesses export.

In particular, we are seeking comments with respect to the following eight priority areas set forth by the President in Executive Order 13534:
    (a) Exports by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs);
    (b) Federal Export Assistance;
    (c) Trade Missions;
    (d) Commercial Advocacy;
    (e) Increasing Export Credit;
    (f)  Macroeconomic Rebalancing;
    (g) Reducing Barriers to Trade; and
    (h) Export Promotion of Services.

The information received will help the Administration develop the NEI plan called for by the President in Executive Order 13534. With regard to the priority area involving ``Reducing Barriers to Trade,'' the Administration will take into account public comments previously received by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative with regard to the development and implementation of U.S. trade policy. See FR notices at and for a complete enumeration of those notices and comments received.
If you would like to submit comments or are interested in more information, please contact Justine Freisleben at 202-721-4155.

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