New Step to Help Improve IPR Enforcement at the Border


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U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced July 29 that trademark and copyright holders can now provide their product identification guides electronically for use by CBP frontline personnel to identify counterfeit goods and prevent them from entering the U.S. A CBP press release states that product identification training guides are one of the most effective ways to help CBP identify counterfeit and piratical goods but that until now right holders had to provide hard copies of their guides in conjunction with training officers at CBP ports of entry. Under the new electronic system, these guides will be readily available to all CBP personnel involved in intellectual property rights enforcement for immediate use in identifying suspect shipments.

CBP notes that product guides cannot address any legal authority or offer any legal opinions on actions CBP should or should not take; must not instruct CBP to examine, detain or seize goods; and must contain the disclaimer required. In addition, product guides will only be accepted for rights that have been recorded with CBP.

For more information, consult the attached Intellectual Property Rights Product Identification Training Guidelines.

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