Export Control Understanding and Compliance by SMEs Subject of BIS Inquiry


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In yet another measure seeking to boost exports as part of the president’s National Export Initiative, the Bureau of Industry and Security is requesting public comments by Dec. 6 on the extent to which small and medium-sized enterprises understand and comply with export controls maintained pursuant to the Export Administration Regulations. BIS anticipates that the input it receives “will help it administer and enforce export controls in a manner consistent with U.S. national security while facilitating and even increasing legitimate trade involving SMEs and the exporting community in general.”

Under the NEI, BIS is seeking to increase the number of SMEs that export over the next five years. Given SMEs’ strategic position in export trade, BIS states, the EAR must continue to address their concerns in a manner that promotes compliance without adversely affecting competitiveness. The information gathered via this inquiry will therefore be used to evaluate the need for innovations and revisions that will enhance SMEs’ understanding of and compliance with the EAR.

Among other things, BIS is requesting comments on the following issues.

  • the principal challenges SMEs face in trying to comply with the EAR, including any challenges that SMEs uniquely face and approaches to overcoming these challenges
  • the value of current BIS outreach, education and counseling to SMEs in understanding and complying with the EAR
  • ways to improve or expand SMEs’ awareness, knowledge and understanding of the EAR and increase their capacity to comply
  • data, including comparative international data, that support comments and recommendations related to the above items and provide examples of effective methods of administering and enforcing export controls with special attention to SMEs

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