EPA Issues Final and Proposed Stays for Title V Provision in Chemical Manufacturing Area Sources Rule


Source: SOCMA
Related Topics: US Environmental Protection Agency

EPA published final a rule stay, and a proposed rule additional stay, of the Title V Permit Application provision in the chemical manufacturing area sources rule in the December 14 Federal Register.  (These stays are related to confusion over an interpretation that Title V permit applications for CMAS synthetic minors originally were supposed to be filed by October 29.)  The final rule stays the Title V deadline administratively for 90 days until March 14, 2011.  Since EPA believes that “the reconsideration process may not be completed within 90 days,” however, the proposed rule proposes to extend that stay from the expiration of the 90 days until the final reconsideration rule is published in the Federal Register.  EPA is soliciting comments on the proposed stay – those  comments are due on January 28, 2011.

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