EPA Releases Environmental Justice Plans and Seeks Comments


Source: SOCMA
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On Wednesday night, March 16, EPA released nine Draft Implementation Plans for Plan EJ 2014, the agency’s ”roadmap that will help EPA integrate environmental justice (EJ) into the Agency’s programs, policies, and activities.”  EPA writes that these plans will “guide agency actions in rulemaking, permitting, compliance and enforcement, community-based action, Administration wide action, science, law, information, and resources. The Draft Implementation Plans outline EPA goals, strategies, activities, deliverables, and milestones for each of the nine areas.”

The nine areas addressed are:

  • Incorporating EJ Into Rulemaking
  • Incorporating EJ in Permitting
  • Advancing EJ Through Compliance and Enforcement
  • Fostering Administration-wide Action on EJ
  • Supporting Community-based Action Programs
  • Science Tools Development
  • Legal Tools Development
  • Information Tools Development
  • Resources Tools Development

The agency continues, “For each of the Draft Implementation Plans, we are asking for feedback from the public on how we can continue to address the issues that are most important to ensuring the protection of the air, water and land that support all of our nation’s communities and will result in environmental and economic health benefits.”

Comments are due on April 29.   Information on Plan EJ 2014, the draft implementation plans, and instructions on submitting comments can be found at: 

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