ChemAlliance To Host Two More Webinars in Its Ongoing Regulatory Webinar Series


Source: SOCMA
Related Topics: OSHA US Environmental Protection Agency is concluding its 2011 Regulatory Webinar Series with two webinars in early December.

On December 1, the webinar will address Compliance and Enforcement Issues related to industrial flare regulations.  EPA has identified many instances where industrial flares have been improperly monitored and operated.  The consequences are lower combustion efficiency and potentially significant quantities of excess emissions.  In order to ensure flares combust regulated waste gases effectively, EPA has made flaring an area of focus in its Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) - National Enforcement Initiative.  EPA is also considering new regulatory provisions that relate to flares.  This presentation provides a high-level overview of EPA’s flare enforcement history, ongoing enforcement activities, potential new flare regulations, flare performance testing, and flare monitoring and control equipment.

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On December 7 , the webinar will address OSHA, GHS, and Product Stewardship Implications for Upstream Manufacturers.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently submitted a final rule to align its Hazard Communication Standard with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The OMB, which vets all new rules before they become final, has 90 days from OSHA’s submission to approve, amend, withdraw or return the rule back to OSHA for further review.  After more than five years since OSHA first issued its Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on GHS, this week’s submission to OMB represents the last major hurdle before the rule becomes finalized.   3E Company’s Erin McVeigh will provide an overview of the expected changes associated with alignment of OSHA’s Standard to GHS.  She will also discuss the anticipated timeline for promulgation, and explore the impact of the revised Standard on product stewardship for upstream manufacturing.  In addition, Erin will offer guidance on how batch and specialty chemical manufacturers can best prepare for this significant new regulatory development. 

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Both webinars will begin at 2:00 PM EST.

ChemAlliance will announce its planned topics for its 2012 webinar series in December.

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