2012 Chemical Data Reporting (CDR): Notice regarding CDX Registration and Training


Source: EPA
Related Topics: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) US Environmental Protection Agency

Individuals participating in reporting for the 2012 Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) may now register on EPA's  Chemical Data Exchange (CDX) .  To register, follow the instructions from the CDX website to establish your user name and password and to add the program "Submissions for Chemical Safety and Pesticide Programs (CSPP)."   If you already have a CDX registration, you may log in to CDX and add the CSPP program.  The eCDRweb reporting tool will be available through CDX in early January.  For further information, see the CDR website.

EPA is also making additional training available to help you prepare to report for the 2012 CDR.  The first three (of a total of seven) on-lineCDR training modules are now available.  Those modules explain the basic requirements of the new CDR published in August 2011, who should report, and how to report.  The remaining four training modules will be added during the next few weeks.  They will cover registering with CDX, using the eCDRweb reporting tool, joint submissions and byproduct chemical substances.

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