EPA Proposes the First of a Set of National Uniform Standards Which Will Apply to the Chemical Sector


Source: SOCMA
Related Topics: Clean Air Act (as Amended)

In today’s Federal Register, EPA proposed the first of its series of uniform standards – for heat exchange systems – which will affect the chemical industry.  (The proposed rule can be found at .)  Comments on this proposed rule are due on March 6.  (If anyone requests a public hearing by January 23, such a hearing would be held on February 6.)   While it comes as part of the proposed amendments to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for petroleum refineries, the national uniform standards for heat exchange systems which are included in the package are one set of standards which will apply to the chemical sector as well.  The other four uniform standards which EPA is said to be working on include standards for: 

  1. Storage Vessels and Transfer Operations;
  2. Equipment Leaks;
  3. Wastewater; and
  4. Control Devices and Closed Vent Systems.

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