CBP Specifies Requirements for Filing Claims Once Colombia FTA Takes Effect


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U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued April 30 an administrative message outlining the following requirements for filing claims for duty-free treatment under the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement. However, CBP emphasizes that the Colombia FTA does not take effect until May 15 and that no claims under this FTA should be filed until CBP issues an additional message indicating that it has made the system changes necessary to handle such claims.

  • country of origin must be “CO”
  • country of export must be “CO”
  • tariff number associated with the FTA claim must contain the special program indicator “CO”
  • HTSUS numbers 9822.08.01 through 9822.08.35 and 9918.02.01 through 9918.24.20 are subject to quota
  • to claim an exemption from the merchandise processing fee for a good that qualifies as originating under the Colombia FTA and is classified in a tariff line that is already duty-free, the country code SPI CO should be transmitted

CBP adds that as of May 15 Colombia will no longer be eligible for duty-free treatment under the Generalized System of Preferences (SPI A) or the Andean Trade Preference Act (SPI J and J+).

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