Revocation and Reproposal of Testing Requirements for C.I. Pigment Blue 61


Source: EPA
Related Topics: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) US Environmental Protection Agency

On Tuesday, May 14, 2012, EPA partially withdrew a direct final rule issued last March (77 FR 15609 (March 16, 2012)), revoking certain test requirements for 10 chemicals.  Because EPA received an adverse comment regarding one of the 10 chemicals, C.I. Pigment Blue 61 (CAS No. 1324-76-1), it has withdrawn and is re-proposing the revocation for this chemical.  The comment period for the proposed rule will be open until June 13, 2012.  This action does not affect the revocation of test requirements for the other nine chemicals that were subject to the direct final rule issued last March. 

The links to the May 14th Federal Register notices are included below:

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