EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) Safer Product Labeling Team Announces Plans to List Chemicals


Source: EPA
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EPA has announced plans to post on the EPA/Design for the Environment (DfE) website a list of chemicals that are acceptable for use in DfE-labeled products. The Agency explains that its intent is for this list to serve as a resource for product formulators and consumers, to increase understanding of the DfE Safer Product Labeling Program and the types of chemicals in DfE-labeled products, and, in general, to enhance the dialogue on safer chemicals and products. The list is scheduled to be posted in September.

The Agency is compiling the list from the ingredients in DfE-labeled products, as well as from chemicals eligible for use in labeled products, that is, chemicals that meet the DfE criteria. The chemicals will be identified by their specific chemical name and Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number and grouped by functional class—surfactants, solvents, etc. (chemicals with more than one common functionality may be listed in multiple classes). A color code will appear next to each chemical to indicate its safer chemical status.*

No other information about the chemical—not its source, manufacturer, or use; association with a trade name product, percentages in formulation, etc.—will appear in the listing. EPA intends to include on this list the ingredients in third-party formulations sold by manufacturers to DfE participants, and will likewise not associate those ingredients with specific products. Also, no chemicals on the confidential portion of the Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory will be included in the listing.

The DfE list will complement the Green-Blue Institute’s CleanGredients database (, which will continue to serve as a marketplace for chemicals that are acceptable for use in DfE-labeled products and provide trade name chemicals, physical-chemical and functional properties, hazard information, vendor contacts, and other information.

For any questions or comments about DfE’s planned chemical list the contact at DfE is Bridget Williams (

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