EPA Office of Inspector General Recommends Sunset Dates on Confidential Business Information (CBI)


Source: EPA Office of Inspector General
Related Topics: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) US Environmental Protection Agency

In a Special Report: "Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations as of September 30, 2012", there is a recommendation that the Assistant Administrator for Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention develop a more detailed Toxic Substances Control Act Confidential Business Information classification guide that provides criteria for approving Confidential Business Information coverage and establishes a time limit for all Confidential Business Information requests to allow for eventual public access to health and safety data for chemicals.
13-N-0035 78

Planned Corrective Actions: If legal authority is determined to exist, OCSPP will propose regulation(s) to establish sunsetting provisions for Confidential Business Information claims.

Agreed-to Completion Date: January 31, 2012 (corrective action will be considered past due as of January 31, 2013)

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