EPA Issues “Technical Guidance for Assessing Environmental Justice in Regulatory Analysis”


Source: SOCMA and EPA
Related Topics: US Environmental Protection Agency
Today, EPA issued “Technical Guidance for Assessing Environmental Justice in Regulatory Analysis” for public comment.  Comments are due by July 8. 

The Agency explains that the purpose of this guidance “is to provide EPA analysts with technical information on how to consider environmental justice in regulatory analyses.”  A Science Advisory Board review of this document will be announced later this month.  Information about the review can be found here:!OpenDocument&TableRow=2.0#2\

Additionally, EPA will be hosting two webinars on the draft guidance:

EPA elaborates that the Guidance:

“…begins to address the issue of how to analytically consider environmental justice in regulatory analyses. It directs EPA analysts to assess whether potential environmental justice (EJ) concerns exist prior to the rulemaking and whether such concerns are likely to be exacerbated or mitigated for each regulatory option under consideration. The guidance makes recommendations designed to ensure consistency across EPA assessments of potential EJ concerns for regulatory actions. The recommendations encourage analysts to conduct the highest quality analysis feasible, recognizing that data limitations, time and resource constraints, and analytic challenges will vary by media and circumstance. They are not designed to be prescriptive and do not mandate the use of a specific approach. No new risk assessment or socio-economic assessment methods are required, thus minimizing resource or analytical burdens. This guidance takes into account EPA's past experience in integrating EJ into the rulemaking process…”

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