EPA Issues Fact Sheet on Isotopes


Source: EPA
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Today, EPA has posted a fact sheet that summarizes existing guidance to help chemical manufacturers understand how to comply with the Toxic Substances Control Act’s (TSCA) Section 5 reporting requirements for chemical substances that contain isotopic modification to an element in the substances.  The fact sheet gives information on how to report chemical substances that have different isotopes, or variations, of the same elements. It also provides information on how to describe the isotopes of an element if it has been intentionally changed from the way in which it naturally occurs. Chemical substances must be reported to the TSCA Inventory.
This fact sheet helps stakeholders understand that if the isotope, or variation, of a chemical substance is not currently on the TSCA inventory, it is subject to TSCA’s new chemical reporting requirements. EPA encourages manufacturers to consult with EPA representatives to determine if a new chemical notice is required. If so, manufacturers should be able to compile the information necessary for a TSCA section 5 new chemical notification, and a notification (i.e., a PMN or exemption request) can be submitted within a one-year timeframe.
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