EPA Finalizes NESHAP for Heat Exchange Systems at Petroleum Refineries


Source: SOCMA
Related Topics: US Environmental Protection Agency
Today, EPA finalized its National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Heat Exchange Systems at Petroleum Refineries. In its original proposed rule in 2012,, EPA had proposed making these “National Uniform Emission Standards for Heat Exchange Systems,” which would have affected chemical manufacturers. But in the final rule, EPA decided not to take final action to create Uniform Standards for Heat Exchange Systems “at this time.” Thus, this final rule only applies to heat exchange systems at petroleum refineries, and does not apply to other industry sectors.) EPA writes that it wasn’t finalizing the Uniform Standards “at this time” because it was “still evaluating comments received on the March 26, 2012 proposed Uniform Standards for storage vessels, equipment leaks, and closed vent system and control devices.” EPA elaborated, writing that it believes “it is appropriate to consider all the comments received on the Uniform Standards proposed rules together, particularly since some of the comments received on the March 26, 2012 proposal relate to the overall concept and implementation of Uniform Standards across multiple industry categories.” EPA “will address the comments that focused on the creation of the Uniform Standards in the context of future Uniform Standards regulatory actions.”

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