EPA Grants A Limited Reconsideration of Some Boiler MACT and Boiler GACT Requirements


Source: SOCMA
Related Topics: Clean Air Act (as Amended) US Environmental Protection Agency

Yesterday, EPA filed a motion to proceed in the consolidated legal cases challenging the original and reissued Boiler MACT rules, and agreed to grant a limited reconsideration of some monitoring requirements, emission limits, and other provisions.  (Those reconsidered issues would be removed from the litigation which continues)

On the Boiler MACT rule, EPA will reconsider:

  • the definition of startup and shutdown periods;
  • required work practices during startup and shutdown;
  • a revised carbon monoxide limit based on a minimum number of 130 ppm; and
  • the use of continuous parameter monitoring systems. 
For the Boiler GACT rule, EPA will reconsider:
  • the definition of startup and shutdown;
  • alternative PM standards for new oil-fired boilers that burn low-sulfur fuel;
  • whether to establish a subcategory for limited-use boilers;
  • the possibility of eliminating PM performance testing for units that emit PM at less than half the limit; and
  • the possibility to eliminate fuel sampling for coal-fired boilers based on an initial compliance demonstration. 
Meanwhile, the lawsuits will proceed on the other issues raised by the industry and environmental stakeholders who are challenging the rules.  A proposed schedule for how the legal cases will proceed is due on September 17.

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