EPA Launches Modernized Version of its Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) Website


Source: EPA
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The modernized version of EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) website, the Agency’s primary website for providing public access to regulatory compliance and enforcement data, was launched on December 3.  ECHO is a go-to resource for information about environmental inspections, violations, and enforcement actions for more than 800,000 regulated facilities. The original site launched in 2002 and use increased steadily, providing answers to 2 million queries per year regarding environmental compliance and enforcement data. Please note that the old site will begin redirecting to the new site tonight.

President Obama cited ECHO as a model for transparency for other federal agencies to follow, and modernization helps the Agency meet requirements of recent transparency-related executive orders. The data in ECHO are updated every week and simplified navigation makes it easier to find information of interest. It’s built on a modern, flexible platform, allowing for improved mapping, viewing on mobile devices, and machine-readable data/web services. The new system also opens up greater possibilities for data transparency and integration in the future.

The central features of this release are cross-statute (multimedia) facility searching and state comparative maps and dashboards. We apologize that some features are temporarily unavailable. Program-specific searching - like air, water, waste - and other features will be phased in to ECHO throughout 2014 until all key features from the previous system are replaced, based on the ECHO Modernization schedule.

A list of issues with the new site is maintained on the site's Website Known Issues page. Information about the modernization process also is maintained on the site. Send feedback to EPA about the site by clicking ECHO’s Contact Us link. Thank you for your interest in ECHO.

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