ECHO Clean Water Act Facility Search Launched


Source: EPA
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EPA is happy to announce the release today of Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) Release 2.2, which offers another substantial upgrade in both searching and report viewing. This launch follows EPA’s complete website re-design (ECHO 2.0) that launched in December 2013 and drinking water searching released in March 2014. The biggest change in today’s release is the addition of Clean Water Act compliance data searching and detailed viewing of effluent discharge data. The new features can be found by navigating to, clicking “Explore Facilities”, then clicking “Water”. 
In addition to bringing back features from the old ECHO website, we've included several enhancements: 

  • The popular Clean Water Act features are back online, with increased functionality and search options.
    • Users can search for Clean Water Act dischargers based on type of pollutants discharged.
    • Also in this release, we are providing the details about Clean Water Act violations within a week of when violations are reported into our data system. Previously, up to a six-month time lag was possible. This approach has several advantages. 
      • Recently reported data will be considered draft – allowing regulated permittees an opportunity to identify possible data entry errors before an official quarterly noncompliance status is calculated.
      • Data users will be able to see whether a problem has been fixed in the most recent report submissions (rather than needing to wait for the next official calculation).
    • Additional information about the water bodies that receive effluent discharges is available for review and download as part of the facility search results page Customize Columns option.
  • Effluent Charts include increased functionality and are getting a few more updates, documented on ECHO.
  • Our data downloads are updated once a week instead of annually and include more detailed Clean Water Act data. 

On the horizon, ECHO will release modernized search offerings for EPA enforcement cases and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.  If you have comments or questions, please let us know by using the Contact Us form.

Thank you for your interest in ECHO.

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