EPA Proposes to Add Global Warming Potential Values for Chemical Substances To GHG Registry


Source: SOCMA
Related Topics: Climate Change
In today’s Federal Register, EPA  proposed to add global warming potential (GWP) values for 103 chemical substances – mostly linked to electronic manufacturing and flourinated gas production -- to its greenhouse gases (GHGs) reporting registry.

The new gases that will be subject to reporting requirements are either fluorinated GHGs or fluorinated heat transfer fluids (HTFs).

EPA writes that the additions "increase the completeness and accuracy of [CO2]-equivalent emissions calculated and reported by suppliers and emitters of fluorinated GHGs and HTFs."  The proposal also may impact electrical equipment use, manufacturing and refurbishment; importers and exporters of pre-charged equipment and closed-cell foams such as air-conditioner wholesalers and manufacturers; and magnesium production.

Comments are due  September 2.

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