U.S. EPA Releases New Versions of Predictive Models: E-FAST and ChemSTEER


Source: EPA
Related Topics: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) US Environmental Protection Agency
The U.S. EPA has recently released new versions of E-FAST and ChemSTEER which are used by EPA/OPPT to assess the potential exposures and releases for chemicals of interest.  Please see below for further information on the models and links to install the programs. 

INSTALLATION NOTE: The tools may not run properly if the user does not have administrative privileges because the programs are hard coded to read and write to the program folder when running. If the user is working on a PC that is part of a network or has restricted access, the network administrator would need to have the individual PC set up so that (at least) the program folder has administrator rights.

Exposure and Fate Assessment Screening Tool Version 2014 (E-FAST 2014): E-FAST is a computer-based screening-level tool used to estimate the concentrations of chemicals released to air, surface water, landfills, and from consumer products. The new version of E-FAST (2014) contains the same user interface, workflows, calculations, and report formats as previous version 2.0. However, the system has been updated to be compatible with newer Windows operating systems and to reflect the latest exposure factors from the Exposure Factors Handbook (U.S. EPA, 2011).

Chemical Screening Tool for Exposures and Environmental Releases (ChemSTEER v3): ChemSTEER is a computer-based software program that can be used to estimate workplace exposures and environmental releases for chemicals manufactured and used in industrial/commercial settings. The new version of ChemSTEER contains a redesigned user interface, updated exposure factors, enhanced scenarios, and has been designed to be compatible with newer windows operating systems.

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