EPA Unveils Fall 2014 Regulatory Agenda


Source: SOCMA
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On Friday, November 21, EPA unveiled its Fall 2014 Regulatory Agenda, the second of two such agendas which federal agencies are expected to produce annually.  (The spring agenda was released toward the end of May this year.) 

These agendas provide an overview of the regulatory items that the EPA is currently considering – or will be in the future.  Additionally, the agendas provide estimated dates for the next regulatory steps in the respective rulemaking processes for each of the items listed. 

Some issues of particular interest to the chemical industry include:
  • DSW – Final rule expected in December
  • Review of Ozone NAAQS – Proposal expected December 1 by court-ordered deadline:  Final rule expected by December 1, 2015 (court-ordered)
  • Reconsidered Boiler MACT – Proposal expected this month; final rule expected July 2015
  • Reconsidered NESHAP for Area Source Boilers – Proposal expected this month; final rule expected July 2015
  • Waters of the U.S. – Final rule expected in April 2015
  • RMP – Proposal expected in September 2015
Additionally, the “longer-term actions” list includes:
  • Revisions to Confidential Business Information (CBI) – An advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is expected in November 2015. 
The Regulatory Agenda can be accessed at:

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