EPA Issues Final Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) on HBCD


Source: EPA
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EPA is issuing a final Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) for two chemical substances collectively referred to as “HBCD” under the Toxic Substances Control Act. HBCD is bioaccumulative, environmentally persistent, and toxic. The pre-publication notice may be accessed at:
HBCD is considered a hazard to the environment because of its toxicity to aquatic organisms and a hazard to human health because of its reproductive toxicity and potential neurodevelopmental toxicity. People may be exposed to HBCD in the workplace and from consumer products and dust in the home and workplace, as well as its presence in the environment.  The final rule requires notification to EPA 90 days prior to U.S. manufacture, import, or processing of HBCD in consumer textiles (except for use in motor vehicles). The final rule also requires notification to EPA 90 days prior to U.S. import or processing of HBCD in textile articles. The required Significant New Use Notice will provide EPA with the opportunity to evaluate the potential risks of resuming the use, and to place limits on future use, if necessary.
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