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ChemAlliance news focuses on items of interest to environmental managers in the chemical manufacturing and distribution industry, as well as technical assistance providers who work with these industries.  ChemAlliance news is collected on an ongoing basis from a variety of sources, including the US EPA Federal Register Announcements and program offices, state and regional regulatory agencies, chemical industry trade associations, and business wire services. Each item is reviewed for relevance by ChemAlliance staff and edited for use prior to publication.

The ChemAlliance News web service provides machine-readable versions of the news content found in ChemAlliance.  This service is designed to make it easy for ChemAlliance partners to provide regularly updated news on their web sites, without incurring the cost of maintaining an in-house news clipping service.

If you just want to access the current ChemAlliance headlines via RSS, click here.

Terms of Use

We encourage creative or innovative use of the news content we provide through this site.  However, we do impose the following conditions:
  • you may not charge a fee or subscription to your users for this information.  You may use this content on a fee-based website, but only in areas open to all users.
  • you must credit ChemAlliance as the source of the news, and provide a link back to the ChemAlliance site somewhere on the page where the news is displayed.
  • if you operate a high-traffic web site and plan to use our content, please notify us in advance

If you have any questions about these terms, or have technical questions about implementing the web service on your site, please contact us +

About RSS and News Syndication

Content Syndication is a term used to describe the sharing of web content between web sites, allowing web site owners to keep up-to-date information on their site without the expense of maintaining it locally.

ChemAlliance provides its news content via RSS, a commonly used format for exchanging news data. More information about RSS, as well as additional news feeds relating to environmental management and pollution prevention, can be found on the P2Rx web site.

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