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Regulatory Information

Stop 02: Boilers & Furnaces

Highlighted Topic:  Burning Process Gases or Fuel Containing Hazardous Waste

Tour Stop 02

This boiler is part of the plant's production system.  Since boilers and furnaces emit air exhausts, they will be regulated as emissions sources under the Clean Air Act.  The Vent & Flare (Stack Emissions) Tour Stop has more details on the general structure of the Clean Air Act. 

In addition, a notable feature of boilers and industrial furnaces is that they can be used to control emissions from other unit operations and/or they can be used to burn fuel containing hazardous waste (e.g., certain types of used oil).  In either of these cases the boiler or furnace will be subject to additional regulation.  

In the case of controlling emissions from other unit operations, the boiler or furnace  will also need to be evaluated for the monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements applicable to the other unit.  For example, if a reactor emissions stream is vented to a boiler, then Clean Air Act regulations that apply to the reactor may also apply to the boiler.

In addition, boilers and industrial furnaces that use or burn fuel containing hazardous waste (e.g., certain types of used oil) will be regulated under RCRA, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.  RCRA governs the use and disposal of hazardous waste (discussed in more detail at the Maintenance and Cleaning Tour Stop).  The specific requirements related to burning fuel containing hazardous waste are found under the Boiler and Industrial Furnace Rule, 40 CFR 266 and 179, and include design and operating standards to control the types and levels of air emissions that occur.  For example, certain types of emissions monitoring may be required.

Other Regulatory Issues:

Boilers may also be subject to state or local safety-related regulation.   Boiler blowdown must be managed as a wastewater source; and any solid waste generated from boiler or furnace cleanout will have to be evaluated as hazardous waste.