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Regulatory Information

Stop 17: Hazardous Waste Shed

Highlighted Topic:  Storage of Hazardous Waste

Tour Stop 17This is the shed where hazardous waste is stored.

RCRA provides specific requirements on how to properly handle, label, and store hazardous waste.  RCRA also imposes a time limit on how long you can store hazardous waste.  In fact, you will need a TSD permit if you plan to store your hazardous waste beyond the established storage time limits (90 days for most generators).

Note that there are some tricky rules regarding whether recycling or reclamation of hazardous waste is considered "treatment" requiring a TSD permit.  It is therefore very important to be sure any time you are processing secondary materials that you are not unknowingly engaging in TSD activities without a permit.

Other Regulatory Issues:

Remember that storage areas can be a source of fugitive air emissions that would need to be counted as part of your overall air source and managed.