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Best Practices

Stop 01: Cooling Towers

The following GMPs (good management practices) are organized by process type:

Cooling Tower

Less toxic biocides:
Use less toxic biocides instead of chlorine gas and chromium compounds.
Reuse cooling and blowdown water:
Reuse cooling tower or boiler blowdown for non-critical process cleaning (such as washing floors or external surfaces).
Plastic lumber:
Use plastic lumber to replace wooden slats.
Use RO water:
Investigate use of RO water as input if mineral build-up is a problem.
Use other wastewater streams:
Look at other wastewater streams as source for cooling tower water.
Monitor water quality:
Continuously monitor water quality and adjust treatment chemical concentration.
Blowdown water:
Use blowdown water for non-critical cleaning applications or as fire pond water.