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Regulation of Greenhouse Gases
Regulatory Deadlines Information
05/08/15 - EPA Proposes PSD Rule – and Issues a Direct Final Rule
09/30/14 - EPA Releases Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Large Facilities
07/31/14 - EPA Proposes to Add Global Warming Potential Values for Chemical Substances To GHG Registry
06/02/14 - EPA Proposes First Guidelines to Cut Carbon Pollution from Existing Power Plants
06/26/13 - President Obama Unveils New Plan to Address Climate Change
02/05/13 - EPA Updates Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Large Facilities
08/03/12 - Carbon Tax Legislation Introduced
07/12/12 - ‘Step 3’ of Greenhouse Gas “Tailoring Rule” Finalized
02/27/12 - EPA Proposes to Keep Greenhouse Gas Permitting Requirements Focused on Largest Emitters
04/29/11 - Testing Opportunity for e-GGRT (EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool)
04/11/11 - House of Representatives Passes Legislation to Strip EPA of its authority to Regulate Greenhouse Gases, but Senate Rejects Similar Measures
04/01/11 - EPA Issues Revised Permitting Guidance for Greenhouse Gases
03/17/11 - EPA Issues Extension to Greenhouse Gas Reporting Deadline
03/15/11 - EPA Proposes to Defer GHG Permitting Requirements for Industries that Use Biomass
03/01/11 - EPA To Extend Deadline for First Reports for Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
01/20/11 - EPA Extends Comment Period on Issues Related to Inputs to Emission Equations under the Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
12/30/10 - EPA Finalizes More Greenhouse Gas Permitting Actions; Tailoring Rule Set to Take Effect for Large Emitters on January 2
12/22/10 - EPA Finalizes (and proposes additional) changes to Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program
11/11/10 - EPA Releases Permitting Guidance for Greenhouse Gases
09/03/10 - Proposed Rules on Clean Air Act Permitting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Published; Comments Due in October
08/13/10 - EPA’s Denial of Endangerment Petitions Published in Federal Register
08/13/10 - EPA Proposes New Amendments to Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
08/12/10 - EPA Proposes Rules on Clean Air Act Permitting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
08/04/10 - EPA Rejects Claims of Flawed Climate Science
07/20/10 - New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule Proposal
05/18/10 - EPA Unveils Greenhouse Gas “Tailoring” Rule
04/05/10 - EPA Issues Final Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule; Triggers Future Regulation of Stationary Sources
03/30/10 - EPA Finalizes Reconsideration of “Johnson Memo;” Addresses Stationary Sources and Greenhouse Gas Permitting
03/09/10 - Congress Considers Measures to Restrict EPA’s Ability to Regulate Greenhouse Gases Using the Clean Air Act
02/25/10 - EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Outlines Staged Approach to Greenhouse Gas Regulation
12/15/09 - EPA Finalizes Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gases
10/30/09 - EPA Finalizes Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
10/07/09 - EPA Proposes Reconsideration of Memo on the Definition of Pollutants Covered Under the Clean Air Act
09/30/09 - EPA Proposes Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Title V Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule
09/15/09 - EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Statndards for Cars has Implications for Other Industry Sectors

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